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Financial Wisdom Coloring Book Testimonial

Dear Parent...

If you're looking for the perfect way to start teaching your little ones about the value of money, you have stumbled onto a financial education tool that not only teaches kids about money but doesn't require that you be the expert first!

If you're one of the many parents who say they don't know how to talk to their children about money...and the concepts that will help them be financially successful in're not alone,'re in the right place.

kids coloringYou see, since so many of us grownups didn't learn about money and personal finances at school or at home when WE were young, we often find it uncomfortable and challenging to teach children about money...a subject that many of us may not understand or have had success with.

It's one thing to teach your kids how to make a yummy, chocolate chip cookie. It's a completely different matter to teach them about investing in the stock market, buying real estate or starting a business in order to always be in control of their own destiny.

The fact is, just opening up the money conversation makes many parents cringe! But it doesn't have to be this way!

Teaching Children About Money Can Be Easy

crayonsWe've made it easy for you! All you do is sit down with your children, a box of brighly coloring crayons and our new Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents and color. It's that easy.

We hope you noticed the word Parent in the title. Why? Because we were thinking of YOU when we designed this powerful financial education tool for kids ages 3-10ish. (Actually, to be honest, we've had quite a few adults get copies for themselves. Evidently some of us big kids still color as a stress-releaser!)

When you use this coloring book, you're not just sitting there watching your children color the playful're reading to them and coloring right along with them. Human beings learn best through physical activity, and coloring provides all the necessary pieces to provide a perfect learning, movement, color and connection.


Here's how the coloring book is laid out...

On the right side is a playful picture and a financial principle for your child to color.

On the left side you have the explanation of the principle in simple, straight-forward terms so you can easily explain the principle that the child is coloring on the right hand side...AND there's a little picture for YOU to color, too!

coloring book

The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents is NOT your normal, every day, children's coloring book or activity book. THIS unique financial education activity book teaches children the important financial lessons adults often end up learning the hard way. 

financial coloring bookFinancial Lessons like...

  • Pay yourself first (so you have money when you want to stop working for a living, i.e., trading your time and energy for money).
  • Only borrow money when it's going to make you money (not when you want to buy Piddlyjunk that only goes down in value or is worth absolutely nothing after you buy coffee, eating out, ice cream, etc.).
  • Make money grow by putting it work for you (in other words, when money is invested wisely, it produces the passive income we need to be financially free, i.e., your money is now making money for you instead of you always working for it.
  • Life is an adventure, let passion be your guide.
  • Save early, save often (starting early is the key to financial freedom).
  • You are the C.E.O. of your own life (and if you want to grow up financially free, it's usually up to you to make it happen).
  • Financial freedom is your choice (because each day is the result of all of your choices up until that time).

...and a whole lot more.

Start empowering your kids financially today!
Print Version - $8.95
financial education for kids
PDF Version - $4.95
financial education for kids  

This financial coloring book illustrates 26 Creative Wealth Principles (plus our powerful bonus principle!) in a way that allows you to introduce the subject of money to your child in a fun and colorful way.

If you're like many parents we talk to, you may not know exactly how or what to say to your kids about making, managing or multiplying money. Because so many parents didn't learned about money when they were young, they are often at a loss when it comes to opening up the vitally important money conversation.

Do you believe that parents say that they'd rather talk to their kids about drugs or _ _ _ than money? When we heard this we knew we had to create something different to help you get the conversation going.

why we created the Financial Wisdom Coloring Book...

We created this coloring book because no one taught US about money! Most adults take a serious look at their financial situation when they get into their 30s (or later) and we wanted to change this.

We want kids to go INTO young adulthood knowing what to do with their money, not have to recover from their childhoods financially. And we wanted parents to be comfortable and confident when they set out to empower their children with financial information and tools.

This is why we designed the book for both children AND parents. You see, while you and your child are having fun coloring, you will also be learning how to convey the time-honored financial wisdom that will give your child more than just a leg up in life; it will prepare him or her (or them) to eventually live on their own and build the exact life they want to live.

kids coloringAdmirable people throughout history have used these same financial principles and habits to build fortunes while contributing their greatness to the world.

The principles aren't rocket science but if you don't ever learn them, you can't use them to create financial freedom for yourself.

We want you have to have the tools you need to teach your children about saving, investing, donating, being financially responsible...all while living a life they enjoy and you can be proud of.

After all, isn't that what parenting is all about...preparing children to live on their own while we sit back and smile, knowing we did everything we could to create adults who are happy, healthy, wealthy and wise?

Testimonial from a Mom who loved the coloring book

"I wanted to tell you I started to incorporate your Financial Wisdom Coloring Book into my weekly dates with my kids (I have individual dates with each of them...a trip to the bookstore, walk in the park...just time to enjoy and learn more about each of them individually.) My six year old enjoys learning the wealth principles and asks tons of questions:) I hope to keep feeding her curiosity so she stays in the YDKYDK realm. I've also incorporated your different claps for our little celebrations. The "good job" and "that's awesome" have become more fun for them.

Thanks for all your work Elisabeth, Steve and Shayla! You are making a big impact in people's lives."

~ Melanie Javier (parent and Creative Wealth Coach)

We wanted to tell you how the coloring book came to be...

financial coloring bookLast summer (2009), Steve, being intimately familiar with Elisabeth's Camp Millionaire principles and programs, wanted to help his daughter make (not earn) some money.

Steve had always wanted Creative Wealth to create products for parents to use with younger children and so asked Elisabeth if he could use the principles to create a coloring book.

He then talked to Shayla about doing the drawings in exchange for receiving a percentage of each she could put money toward her college education. She was delighted with the idea (because she understands the bonus principle!) and started drawing immediately.

In a matter of months, Shayla had finished the drawings, the covers were designed and the project came together in the most beautiful way. We had 'created' a project in the same way we teach kids in Camp Millionaire to be the C.E.O.s of their own lives. Being an entrepreneur is one of the quickest and surest ways to creating wealth and passive income for later.

The response has been terrific and we are all glowing in the difference we now get to make in family's lives.

Kids are never too young to learn financial principles

Money is just a tool to reach your dreams, and help other people reach theirs. The late Jim Rohn often said, "You get what you want in life when you've helped enough people get what they want." This is one of the greatest things we can teach our children. Because the best things that life has to offer usually require a little money, the earlier your teach children about money, the better chance they have living their dreams.

One of the best investments you can make in your child's future

What you get when you invest in the Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents...

dollar sign 26 Creative Wealth Principles that will help your children create a foundation for financial success in life (which means they won't have to move home after they move out...unless you want them to of course).
dollar sign A Bonus Principle that is the basis for most financial success in the world (without learning this principle, your children will be destined to always be at the mercy of an employer). This is also the principle that Shayla, our 15-year old illustrator is benefiting from every time we sell a coloring book (she gets a percentage to put in her college fund).
dollar sign A fun activity you can do with your children that teaches them financial lessons that last a lifetime so they don't have to learn about money the way most adults do...the HARD way.
dollar sign A simple method to teach your children about money without the guilt or shame many parents feel because they don't understand money themselves (and a way for you to learn right along with your children so they won't ever know you're just learning this important information, too).
dollar sign A way to set the stage for great financial conversations in the future. There's nothing worse than your college-age son or daughter calling home in shame asking for money because they don't know how a credit card works or how to balance their checking account. Talking to them about money will be much easier when you introduce the conversation over a box of crayons and playful characters.

Whether you're a parent of little ones, have a daycare or pre-school or are the proud grandparent of kids who are still coloring, The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book is perfect to make the time you spend with them more ways than one.

Now they get YOUR time and plenty of time to grow their money because they'll learn to save and invest at an early age...when it's easy to build wealth for later.

The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book is available printed or as a PDF download you can easily print at home.

Download sample financial coloring book pages here.

To order your copy and get your child started on a life of financial responsibility and ease, just click which option you want.

Imagine if every child in the world received this coloring book when they were three...what a difference it could make in the people's our communities if more adults simply understood how money works!

Note: If you own a company and would like to provide financial coloring books to your customers and clients, we're happy to customize the book with your logo and business name. Give us a call at 805-957-1024 and let's explore the possibilities.

Our customers so far have been Creative Wealth International, LLC, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, California Saves and AARP.

Start empowering your kids financially today!
Print Version - $8.95
financial education for kids
PDF Version - $4.95
financial education for kids  

You can never be too young or too old to start learning how money works. As long as money is the medium of exchange our society uses to purchase the things we need and want to live our lives the way we want to live them, we must know how to use it wisely.

We wish you the best.

Elisabeth, Steve and Shayla

P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are not completely thrilled and delighted with our coloring book, we will refund your money within 60 days of purchase no questions asked. All we want is to help you create financially responsible adults so their futures look as bright as they can be!

P.P.S. Feel free to email us with your experiences. We love hearing from you! Send your questions and comments here.


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